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Pas Panelen produces sandwich panels according to a unique artisanal process. The combination of the use of high-quality raw materials and the craftsmanship of our committed employees leads to an unparalleled result. The aesthetics of the sandwich panels are of great importance to almost all our customers. For that reason, we only work with top quality polyester from Italy. This way you are assured of a tight end result.

In our 2000m2 business premises in Stolwijk, the raw materials come in. Polyester, aluminum, core materials, inserts; everything is subjected to a critical quality check upon arrival. In our cutting hall, in the machine, on the glue tables and in the sawmill, we add our value and together with our employees we create the sandwich panels you want. Before the panels leave our building, a final check takes place. Only when we are 100% satisfied with the end result of our process do we release the panels for collection or transport.

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