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In our spacious, modern production hall, an energetic and young team works on sandwich panels. These strong, durable and innovative panels are made entirely to the wishes of the customer. For this we use top quality polyester from Italy. Due to the high quality level that we use, we ensure that the panels are suitable for, for example, truck trailers. Our company would like to grow further. That is why we are looking for new colleagues.

Muscles Wanted! (with a little common sense)

Pas Panelen is looking for a: Technical Production Employee

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4 good reasons to join Pas Panelen

Are you a real go-getter who likes to work with his hands? Do you strive to deliver only the highest quality? And are you looking for a (different) job? Then you should definitely read on. We give you 4 good reasons to join Pas Panelen.

1. We are changing the world of sandwich panels
Pas Panelen specializes in high-quality sandwich panels. We produce our panels according to a unique artisanal process and offer a high level of service for every customer. By focusing on sustainable innovations, we keep an eye on the impact that our products have on people and nature.

2. Sure of your future

More and more sectors are discovering the advantages of sandwich panels. For example, we work at Pas Panelen for bodywork construction, chemistry, the recreation industry and modular construction. We are bursting with work and expect the growth of recent years to continue strongly in the coming period. As a result, you (if we turn out to fit well together) know for sure that your job is guaranteed!

3. A close-knit and friendly team
Our employees are worth their weight in gold. They are actively involved in product development and in the continuous improvement of our production process. In addition to hard work, there is also a lot of room for fun at Pas Panelen. For example, there is always a nice music in the workshop, the Friday afternoon drink is super cozy and we regularly go out together for a team outing.

4. Good working conditions
To underline the appreciation for our employees, we pay salaries above the level of the COLLECTIVE LABOUR AGREEMENT for Pas Panelen. There is a collective pension scheme and you have no less than 27 vacation days. To ensure that you can do your work optimally and safely, all facility matters are arranged down to the last detail.

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Want to know more or apply? Contact us on phone number 0182-342872 or leave your details and upload your resume. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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