Business operations

The theme of sustainability occupies an important place in Pas Panelen’s business operations. We are aware of the impact our production process and our products have on people and nature. When choosing materials, we always prefer recycled and recyclable raw materials. We separate our waste and keep our waste streams to a minimum. Furthermore, at Pas Panelen we are particularly careful with our largest capital, our employees. These employees can be deployed in several positions in our company and are encouraged to think along about improvements in the production process.

Weight saving

By using our lightweight sandwich panels, bodywork builders reduce the weight of a superstructure. This reduces fuel consumption. This is good for their customers’ wallets and for the environment. The core material of our Eco line, available in 3 different densities, is made from recycled material and is ideally suited for this application.



At Pas Panelen we are constantly looking for new sustainable raw materials and new applications for our sandwich panels that contribute to a better world, for example in modular construction. To ensure that new raw materials meet our high requirements, we test them extensively. Only when we are convinced of the quality of a new product do we include it in the range.

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