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The sandwich panels of Pas Panelen are used in, among other things, body construction, the recreation industry, the chemical industry and the (modular) construction sector. Because we produce our panels ourselves, the possibilities are endless. In the overview below you will find the most common nuclear materials with the corresponding properties.

Of course it is possible to include wood, metal or plastic inlays in the construction of your sandwich panels. Think, for example, of a PVC pipe for getting rid of electricity, a drain pipe for plumbing or a screw element of a harder foam type if you want to mount a heavy object to the panel. Are you unsure about which panels are most suitable for your project? Please feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice.

Eco Soft

This environmentally friendly lightweight core material has good insulating capacity. It is produced from recycled material and is also recyclable itself.
Furthermore, the Eco line can withstand high temperatures of up to 150 degrees.

Eco Medium

This environmentally friendly lightweight core material has good insulating capacity. It is produced from recycled material and is also recyclable itself.
Eco Medium has a higher density than Eco Soft and is therefore particularly suitable in places where fall and impact damage can occur.

Eco Hard

This environmentally friendly core material is a good alternative to Plywood. Like the rest of the Eco line, Eco Hard is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable.
Due to its high density, Eco Hard is also suitable for screwing in. However, the material is a lot lighter than Plywood. With a view to fuel reduction, Eco Hard is therefore particularly suitable as a sustainable option for bodybuilders.


This core has a high insulating capacity and also offers mounting options over the entire surface. The high insulating capacity is accompanied by a high degree of rigidity.
Furthermore, the plywood layer has a high compressive strength, which means that the chance of dents is minimal.


Due to its special structure, honeycomb has a high impact strength and yet a low weight.
The insulating value of honeycomb is less than that of most other core materials.


This wood core material is widely used in bodywork construction. Plywood has a very high impact resistance, but is also very heavy. The properties of Eco Hard approach those of Plywood.
However, Eco Hard is much lighter. This translates into less fuel consumption. This is better for the environment and for your customer's wallet.


A lightweight core material with a stable insulation value, high degree of stiffness and high tensile strength. Due to the closed cell structure, it is insensitive to moisture.
Looking for a versatile panel with a good price/quality ratio? Then choose XPS or XPS+.


A lightweight core material with a good insulation value in the base.
Disadvantages of PU compared to XPS(+) are the decreasing insulation value and the limited constructive properties.


In addition to our standard panels, we like to think along with you in developing custom products.
Can't find the right product for you? Then contact us.


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