Sandwich panels in practice

More and more sectors are discovering the benefits of using sandwich panels. Not surprising, because sandwich panels are strong, light and affordable. Due to the use of plastics instead of wood, sandwich panels are insensitive to moisture. Moreover, the insulating values of these plastic panels are many times better than those of wood. Pas Panelen has now gained (extensive) experience in the following industries.


A coachbuilder has to take numerous things into account when making a superstructure for a trailer, for example. What insulating and constructive properties should the panels have for the superstructure? Are there restrictions on the weight of the superstructure? Should provisions be made in the walls by including piping or screw elements?


Whether it concerns sturdy insulated walls for a large refrigerated trailer, a super light superstructure for a box truck or a roof with several built-in PVC pipes, Pas Panelen is happy to advise and think along with you.


Prefab construction makes the construction process more sustainable, faster and cleaner. In prefab construction, separate elements of a building, such as walls, floors or roofs, are produced in the factory and installed on the construction site. Our prefab sandwich panels fit in seamlessly with that.


Our lightweight prefab sandwich panels are durable and can be used for countless applications. Truly any modular unit can be built surprisingly easily from our prefab sandwich panels. We can even give the panels a final finish in our workshop, so that this no longer has to be done on the construction site. We create even more efficiency for the modular builder by milling out windows, doors and any other recesses with our high-tech CNC milling machine.


Our prefab sandwich panels are particularly suitable for modular construction, because modular construction with prefab sandwich panels guarantees speed, durability and cost efficiency. That’s smart!


Working with chemicals requires a high degree of caution. The last thing you want is for these substances to pollute the environment or cause damage to health. That is why companies that work with chemicals have to deal with strict laws and regulations. Where metal is generally not resistant to chemicals, polyester is in the vast majority of cases. That is why Pas Panelen sandwich panels are a reliable choice for the chemical sector.

Modular construction

Modular construction is on the rise. Logical, because this method is smarter, faster and cleaner than traditional construction.


Modules are prefab units that enclose a space – such as a complete (bath) room. The ideal solution for various applications, such as hotels, homes, student and migrant housing or healthcare institutions.


Our prefab sandwich panels are particularly suitable for modular construction, because modular construction with prefab guarantees speed.

Recreation industry

Recreation in a (mobile) caravan, tiny house or bungalow is popular. If you spend the night in such a recreational accommodation, a strong construction and good insulating properties are of course very important. Sandwich panels offer a solution. By using sandwich panels you prevent unnecessary energy consumption to heat your living space. Moreover, sandwich panels require much less maintenance than wood. This way you can enjoy your free time to the fullest.

Unit construction

Sanitary facilities at festivals, temporary housing, building chains, there are many challenges for which unit builders can offer a solution. They increasingly use sandwich panels from Pas Panelen to compose their units. The combination of light weight and strong structural properties makes the use of sandwich panels interesting for unit construction.

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