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At Pas Panelen we are very proud of our customers and of our work. On this page we share stories about the developments within Pas Panelen and share our knowledge in the form of articles.

Pas Panelen is changing the world of modular construction

Modular housing is on the rise. Pas Panelen turns sandwich panels into a complete wet cell: a prefab bathroom. We supply the bathroom as a kit, which is quickly assembled by the home builder. After that it is only a matter of assembling the installations and the bathroom is ready for use!

Polyester panels of high Italian quality

At Pas Panelen we work exclusively with high-quality Italian polyester. After all, you want to make a product with polyester panels for your customer without dents, damage or other irregularities.

Customized CNC milling optimizes post-processing Pas Panelen

Finishing sandwich panels is labour-intensive and error-prone work. Because we continuously strive to optimize the quality of our products, we have invested in a new, custom-made CNC milling machine.

Fuel savings with Eco Hard sandwich panels!

What many bodywork constructors do not yet know is that Pas Panelen now has a more sustainable and lighter alternative to plywood panels: Eco Hard sandwich panels. Read here how this saves you fuel.

Pas Panelen benefit from the growth of e-commerce

In recent years there has been a significant growth in e-commerce. The corona crisis has accelerated this development even further in recent months. Small box trucks that are used to deliver groceries and packages to consumers’ homes. They can no longer be ignored from the street scene. Pas Panelen is also benefiting from this development.

Ni hao! Chinese media giants opt for TV vans with Pas Panelen

Anyone who thinks that Pas Panelen’s sandwich panels only find their way in the Netherlands is wrong. For example, they are used worldwide for high-tech television vans. Carrosserie Akkermans, the oldest bodywork company in the Netherlands, recently built new television vans for SDTV and ZJTG, two major Chinese media companies.

The aesthetic value of Pas Panelen? Meet the Lume Traveler!

Lume Traveler proves that Pas Panelen can also be of great aesthetic value. Hein van de Laar, designer of the Lume Traveler, started looking for a supplier for the walls of his dream product. After a long search, he came across Pas Panelen.

Pas Panelen comes up with a sustainable alternative to plywood

Many companies struggle with how to incorporate sustainability into their business operations. Pas Panelen helps transporters with a sustainable alternative to the plywood sandwich panels that are traditionally used by many bodywork builders.